Ever since studying educational science, psychology, and dramatics, I got fired up and inspired by performances, dance, theater and artistic acts in front of audiences.

For many years I went on to be responsible for different features, such as the organization of festivals, managing guest performances by visiting groups, and I worked permanently at the management level of theaters.

During this very enriching time I gained a deeper understanding and profound know-how about the artistic inner-works of a theaters and the feasibility of projects as well.

I like to work with young people, in order to sensitize them for their individual gifts and to train them in a critical understanding of their living conditions. Thus projects emerge, which strengthen the adolescents to realize their potential, and to motivate them become an active member of a democratic society.

It is crucial, I firmly believe, that in order to progress and improve society it´s not enough to emphasize on its deficits and its discontents, but rather, to focus energies and to utilize resources!

A delightful truth captures my daily actions: “Stop the pity – unlock the potential!”

I look very much forward to collaborate with like-minded people.